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About CoolTone

CoolTone® is a brand new body sculpting treatment by Allergan, the maker of CoolSculpting®. It can help you build new muscle without any trips to the gym, sweat, or downtime. With CoolTone®, you can achieve a more toned appearance in your abdomen, buttock, and thighs.

During a CoolTone® treatment, one of our expert providers will apply the special device to your areas of concern. Through magnetic muscle stimulation, CoolTone®will penetrate your muscle layers and induce muscle contractions. Your body will respond to these contractions by strengthening its muscle fibers and creating greater tone and definition. While CoolSculpting® removes fat cells from stubborn areas, CoolTone® builds new muscle. Combining CoolSculpting® with CoolTone® can leave you with optimal body contouring results.

CoolTone Treatment Areas:

  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs

Benefits of CoolTone:

  • Enhanced muscle tone and definition
  • Non-invasive, no surgery required
  • No downtime; resume daily activities immediately
  • Efficient 30-minute treatment sessions
  • Complements fat reduction treatments like CoolSculpting®
  • Customizable treatment plans
  • Visible results within three months
  • Suitable for various body areas
  • Ideal for those seeking body contouring, not weight loss

The Complete CoolTone Process

Preparation Guidelines:

  • Consult with our qualified provider for assessment.
  • Share your medical history and any existing conditions.
  • Discuss your desired treatment areas and goals.
  • Follow any specific pre-treatment instructions provided.
  • Avoid applying lotions or creams to the treatment areas on the day of your session.
  • Wear comfortable clothing to your CoolTone® appointment.
  • Arrive well-hydrated and well-rested for optimal results.

The CoolTone Session

During your treatment, you will lie comfortably as our skilled provider applies a specialized device to the target areas, such as your abdomen, buttocks, or thighs. This device utilizes magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) to induce deep muscle contractions. You’ll feel your muscles working, but there’s no pain involved. Each session lasts 30 minutes, and you can return to your daily activities immediately afterward.

Watch CoolTone® In Action

Aftercare Guidelines:

  • Drink plenty of water to aid muscle recovery.
  • Refrain from intense workouts for the first 24 hours.
  • Keep the treated area clean and avoid harsh skin treatments.
  • Adhere to any post-treatment recommendations from your provider.
  • Continue with the recommended sessions for optimal results.
  • Be patient; it takes around three months to see full results.
  • Combine CoolTone with a balanced diet and exercise for lasting benefits.

The Recovery Process

After your CoolTone treatments, you can expect minimal to no downtime. You’ll be able to resume your daily activities right away, and there’s no need to worry about post-treatment discomfort. Over the next three months, you’ll gradually notice enhanced muscle tone and definition in the treated areas. For the best and lasting results, consider maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and regular exercise. The results gradually improve with each session — most patients need 4 to 12 sessions for optimal results.


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CoolTone FAQs

What is the CoolTone treatment duration and downtime?

The typical CoolTone® treatment takes 30 minutes. Since CoolTone® is a non-invasive treatment, there is no downtime. You can resume work and your daily activities right away.

Can I combine CoolTone and CoolSculpting?

Absolutely! Combining CoolTone’s muscle-building benefits with CoolSculpting’s fat-reduction capabilities can provide comprehensive body contouring. The two treatments complement each other, offering a powerful solution to achieve your desired physique, enhancing muscle tone while eliminating stubborn fat.

What are the typical results after CoolTone?

Patients treated with CoolTone® often see a more toned body and improved appearance of loose, sagging skin. Complete results typically take three months to appear. The number of treatments you’ll need will depend on your body shape, lifestyle habits, exercise routine, and desired results. Most patients receive anywhere from 4 to 12 treatments.

Who are the ideal candidates for CoolTone?

You may be a good candidate for CoolTone®:

  • If you are in good health and at or near your ideal weight.
  • If you are longing for a way to improve your muscle tone.
  • If you’d like a slimmer body.
  • If you are looking to contour your body rather than lose weight.
  • If you do not have Grave’s disease, an active bleeding disorder, or a seizure disorder.
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