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What is Lip Augmentation?

Enhancing the lips (lip augmentation) is a procedure that can have a massive impact on the overall youthful rejuvenation of the entire face. By restoring the volume that has naturally been lost over time, a refreshed and youthful appearance can be achieved.

Lip Augmentation Daytona Beach

*Photo above is surgical lip augmentation with lip filler treatments. Individual Results May Vary.

Consultations Are Available Now

Dr. Schalit is always happy to meet with you to review your unique needs.  Please fill out the form on this page to request a consultation.

How is Lip Augmentation Performed?

For many who undergo lip augmentation, atrophy or loss of hyaluronic acid in the lip is the primary reason for treatment. Dr. Schalit often uses Juvederm®, a pure form of hyaluronic acids. Anytime one performs injections there can be a small amount of discomfort. Dr. Schalit almost always applies topical anesthesia. This takes only a few seconds and makes the procedure practically painless.

Am I a Good Candidate for Lip Augmentation?

You’re a good candidate for lip augmentation if you’re unhappy with thining lips, or you’ve experienced significant vertical lips lines and wrinkles (also known as “smoker’s lines”).

What are Typical Results of Lip Augmentation?*

Most patients see almost immediate improvement in the size of their lips, with final results being visible about one to two weeks after treatment. Results vary depending on the lip augmentation procedure that is selected.

What Kind of Post-Operative Lip Augmentation Care Can I Expect?

You will be provided with ice to help any swelling go down; however, most patients are generally able to return to their normal routines after a lip augmentation treatment.

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