Your nose is a prominent facial feature. If you don’t like the way it looks, you may be a good candidate for rhinoplasty or a nose job. While there is no perfect age for a nose job, Dr. Schalit does not recommend nose jobs to patients who are under 15 years of age as their noses are still developing.

A nose job can permanently improve the appearance of your nose and restore your confidence. One of the most common questions patients ask us before undergoing a rhinoplasty is “will a nose job leave noticeable scars?” Keep reading to find out.

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What Happens During a Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Schalit performs both open and closed nose jobs. An open nose job involves making an incision in the columella, which is the strip of tissue that separates the nostrils. A closed nose job, however, is when incisions are made inside of the nose. 

Regardless of which technique Dr. Schalit chooses, any scarring from the incisions he makes will be barely noticeable. Depending on the complexity of his treatment plan, a nose job may take anywhere from one to a few hours to complete.

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Recovering From a Nose Job

After a nose job, you’ll need to wear a nasal splint to support your nose while it heals. You’ll also be required to keep your head elevated for a few days. If you do notice a swollen or bruised nose that extends into your eye area, rest assured that this is completely normal and will fade away over time. Dr. Schalit may recommend a nasal spray so you can clean your nose and prescribe pain medications to help you relieve any discomfort you may experience.

Benefits of A Nose Job

A nose job can offer you a variety of benefits. It can help you achieve a more attractive nasal shape that looks great with your other facial features. If you believe your nose is too big, it can reduce its size so your face can become more balanced and symmetrical. Also, a nose job can make it easier for you to breathe and improve your overall quality of life and confidence.

Almost two years ago, on April 5th 2017, I FINALLY was able to afford to get my rhinoplasty. I had broken my nose when I was 8 years old and got bullied for it for a long, long time. For the almost decade that I had that broken looking nose, I was never really happy with the way I looked no matter what I wore, no matter how I changed my hair, or how much makeup I had on. My nose always got in the way of how I saw myself and how I let others see me. I hated it completely. I had zero confidence. My mom was finally able to afford the rhinoplasty, and after the consultation they made me an appointment immediately. I couldn’t believe just how quick they got me in. The day of my surgery, I was excited as ever, and the nurses, anesthesiologist, and of course Dr. Schalit were all so caring and helped ease any anxiety I may have had. I am completely ecstatic with my experience at Florida Oral & Facial with Dr.Schalit. He did an amazing job, he fixed my nose, made it look normal again. I have confidence now, and don’t hate how I look. You can definitely trust him if you’re needing or wanting anything done. He did an absolutely incredible job, and I am so beyond happy with the results. It’s the best decision I have ever made, 100%.


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