Also known as ear pinning, ear surgery is designed to reshape the ears and place them closer to the head. It can be performed on children and adults and do wonders for an individual’s self-confidence. Recently, Dr. Schalit has had a few patients ask him whether ear surgery will affect their hearing. Keep reading to find out the answer to this question.

Ear Surgery Daytona Beach

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How Ear Surgery Impacts Hearing

The purpose of ear surgery is to alter the shape of the ear. Therefore, it cannot change or improve hearing. Instead, this procedure may help reduce the size of overly large ears, sculpt misshapen ears, move protruding ears closer to the head, and/or correct ears that have been physically damaged.

Ear surgery is an outpatient procedure that involves Dr. Schalit making incisions behind each ear where the ear meets the head. Dr. Schalit may also remove a bit of ear cartilage or bend the cartilage to help a patient achieve their desired results. Although the length of ear surgery varies from patient to patient, most procedures are completed in one to two hours.

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Benefits of Ear Surgery

If your ears are abnormal in any way, you know first-hand how emotionally difficult it can be to go through life with ears that make you feel insecure. Ear surgery can resolve any abnormalities you may have and increase your confidence.

You won’t have to worry about others pointing out your ears and can go about your life feeling comfortable in your own skin. Ear surgery can also help your child if they have abnormal ears and have a difficult time at school and/or in social situations.

Good Candidates for Ear Surgery

Ear surgery may be a good option for you if you are in generally good health and longing for a way to correct prominent ears. It may also be ideal for your child if they are constantly teased or embarrassed about the appearance of their ears. Dr. Schalit can inform you or your child whether ear surgery is a good idea during a private consultation.

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