Otoplasty is a medical term for cosmetic surgery that enhances the appearance of the ears. Surgeons perform it on the outer ear, also called the auricle, which comprises folds of cartilage that protrude from the sides of the head.

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About Ear Surgery

Some people are unhappy with the appearance of their ears. Sometimes they can stick out too far; other times, they are the wrong shape. Fortunately, ear surgery performed at Dr. Schalit’s practice can create a more desirable appearance for them.

There are three types of otoplasty patients consider. The first is “ear reduction” and involves reducing the outer ear’s size if it is too large.

The second is ear pinning. This technique uses various methods to draw the ears closer to the side of the head if they stick out.

The third variety is ear augmentation. This procedure is for people whose ears are underdeveloped or who do not have an auricle at all.

About Your Otoplasty Procedure

Dr. Schalit will consult with you about the changes that you would like to make to your ears. He and the team will then adjust the ear surgically to correct the size, positioning, or both.

Otoplasty usually takes between one and three hours, depending on the type of intervention you require. Adults and children undergoing the procedure will receive a local anesthetic and a sedative to keep them calm. General anesthetic can be used, but this is rare.

Dr. Schalit and the team will then begin operating on your ears. Depending on your cosmetic requirements, this could involve making an incision at the back of the ear, shaping the auricle’s cartilage, and/or grafting new tissue.

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Benefits of Otoplasty

The benefits of otoplasty are considerable. They include:

  • Natural facial appearance. Otoplasty helps to correct the shape of your ears naturally and inconspicuously.
  • Increased self-confidence. Many adults and children report feeling much happier and outgoing following the procedure.
  • Safety. Otoplasty is a standard procedure that thousands of children and adults use every year.
  • Correction of prominent ears. People with large ears, or those that protrude excessively from the head, can correct their shape. After otoplasty, prominent auricles appear reduced in size and do not stick out as much.

Who is a Candidate for Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is for people whose ears protrude excessively from the side of the head, are too large, or are smaller than usual due to genetics, trauma, or injury. It is also ideal for people who have already had otoplasty but aren’t happy with the procedure’s results.

Candidates should be in good overall health and non-smokers. Smoking cigarettes and being ill at the time of the operation can affect the healing process.

Patients must also be over five years old. Cosmetic facial surgeons will only operate when the auricle reaches 90 percent of its adult size to prevent malformations from developing in the future.

Dr. Schalit is a very caring and skilled surgeon. Great personality along with his staff.


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