Neck lifts are used to regain a youthful appearance by reducing jowling, sagging chins, banding, and turkey waddles. The neck is the first to show signs of aging in the face. As a result, neck and facelifts are commonly done together, but many people choose to do only a neck lift. But what are the benefits of only a neck lift?

What Can Neck Lifts Do?

Neck lifts reduce the effects of aging by ridding the neck of excess fat and skin relaxation. They cannot stop the aging process, but they can reduce banding, turkey waddles, chin sagging, and jowling. With these pesky signs of aging removed, you will gain a more youthful appearance. This age-reducing neck lift rids you of a weak neckline, replacing it with a smoother, more defined neck. 

*Individual Results May Vary

5 Benefits of Neck Lifts

With Dr. Shalit, the benefits of neck lifts are tremendous:

  1. Reduction of excess skin

Neck lifts remove the tissue from the submental area, reducing sagging or a “double-chin” effect. This tightens the loosened skin for an age-reduction effect.

  1. Tightening of neck area

A neck lift tightens the muscles in the submental area and often gives the impression of weight loss. It changes the shape and tension of your neck for a more youthful appearance.

  1. Minimal scarring

The incisions will be under the chin and at the hairline, barely noticeable even in recovery, making it one of the most discreet cosmetic procedures. 

  1. Boosting self-confidence

This age-reducing procedure gives you a chance at a new you and a self-esteem boost! Feel the freedom to take some selfies and show off the new you.

  1. Smoother skin

This procedure smooths out wrinkles in your neck and jawline, restoring your youthful tension. Say goodbye to crinkles and hello to younger, smoother skin.

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About Your Neck Lift Procedure

A neck lift requires small incisions under the chin and/or behind the ears. These incisions are hardly noticeable and are in discrete areas, such as the hairline. After the incision, Dr. Shalit removes the excess tissue and tightens the muscles around the neck. Then, he stitches the chin back into position. 

After the surgery, the recovery period is typically around ten days and 3-4 weeks to return to your regular exercise routine. The results of your neck lift will last for many years, but sudden weight changes will affect your appearance.

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