Two of the most popular anti-aging surgeries are an eyelid lift and facelift. Some clients have recently asked Dr. Schalit whether an eyelid was part of a facelift procedure. While an eyelid lift is not an actual component of a facelift, you can opt for both surgeries and enjoy more dramatic, anti-aging results. Keep reading to learn more about an eyelid and facelift so you can find out how these procedures may complement each other.

Eyelid Surgery Daytona Beach

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What is an Eyelid Lift?

As you go through the natural process of aging, you may find that your eyelid skin stretches and sags. When this happens, excess fat and skin may gather above and below your eyelids, leaving you with a puffy, tired look. That’s where an eyelid lift comes in. An eyelid lift can reduce the appearance of aging eyelids and help you look more youthful and vibrant.

During the procedure, Dr. Schalit will remove the ideal amount of skin from your eyelids and leave you with natural, beautiful results. In most cases, eyelid lift surgery takes about 1 hour. After the surgery, you can go home with a bit of swelling and bruising. You are welcome to wear makeup and resume your daily responsibilities within a week.

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What is a Facelift?

Sun damage, gravity, weight loss, stress, and aging can cause your facial skin to sag. It can also diminish your facial volume. A facelift can resolve both of these issues and restore your youth. During the procedure, Dr. Schalit will place incisions behind your ear and around your hairline. He’ll remove excess tissue, skin, and fat and tighten your underlying muscles.

Facelift surgery usually takes about 2 to3 hours to complete. After about three weeks after the procedure, you’ll notice natural results. Keep in mind that while a facelift will bring you a long-lasting improvement in your skin, it will not stop the process of aging. However, you will look much younger than you would if you didn’t receive the surgery.

Why Pair and Eyelid with a Facelift

Dr. Schalit recommends combining an eyelid with a facelift if you’re bothered by excess eyelid fat and facial sagging. By doing so, you can improve two common aging concerns and achieve more dramatic results. An eyelid paired with a facelift is the ideal way to find the fountain of youth.

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