Whether you want to replace lip volume lost with age or enhance your lips with natural-looking plumpness, a lip filler can give you results. Lip fillers offer a non-invasive way to achieve fuller lips

What is a Lip Filler?

Dr. Schalit and his team most often use the Juvederm® family of fillers. Each member of this group works for a particular application. Juvederm® Volbella excels when used in the lips and to treat vertical lines around the mouth. This formula works so well on the lips because it has a soft, flexible texture and spreads out easily. This allows it to adapt to the motion of the lips and provide a completely natural enhanced appearance.

How Does Lip Filler Work?

Juvederm® Volbella and similar fillers are made of hyaluronic acid. This molecule occurs in healthy, youthful skin. It helps to bind moisture in the skin, improving hydration and fullness. As this molecule declines with age, this contributes to a loss of volume in the lips and other areas of the face. When lip fillers containing hyaluronic acid are injected into the lips, they immediately begin to pull in moisture to make the lips look fuller and more hydrated

How Much are Lip Fillers?

Dr. Schalit’s average price for Juvederm® fillers is $550 per syringe. How many syringes you will need depends on the area being treated and the amount of volume being added. With the average national cost of Juvederm® at $620, Juvederm® with Dr. Schalit offers a cost-effective way to achieve the fuller lips you want. 

Average prices aggregate many variables such as location, the experience of the provider, and other fees and costs, therefore they should not be considered direct quotes for your unique treatment costs. 

How Long Do Lip Fillers Last?

Hyaluronic acid fillers last several months, but the body eventually filters them away. Juvederm® Volbella lasts on average three to six months. While many other dermal fillers last longer, a lip filler needs to have a thin formula with enhanced flexibility and softness. 

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Am I a Good Candidate for Lip Fillers?

Since the body does not react to hyaluronic acid, Juvederm® Volbella is safe for almost anyone. You are a good candidate if you seek enhanced lip volume and plumpness. While hyaluronic acid fillers already do enough, they also allow you to reverse results if you find that you do not like them. Dr. Schalit can inject an enzyme that will dissolve the hyaluronic acid, so this procedure requires minimal risk. If you do not like the results, you do not have to live with them. 

Is There Any Downtime With Lip Fillers?

You may see some bruises or minor swelling that lasts a few days. You can resume your usual activities without restrictions. You will see your final results about one to two weeks after treatment. 

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