Are you interested in trying out CoolSculpting for non-surgical body contouring – but not sure how many treatment cycles you’ll need?

We understand. After all, life gets pretty busy, so the idea of going for multiple hour-long treatments can feel pretty overwhelming. That’s why we’ve set out to finally answer this popular question:

“How many CoolSculpting cycles will I need?”

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*Individual results may vary.

How Many Coolsculpting Treatments Will I Need?

Good news: In general, most patients only need about one CoolSculpting treatment to see results. That’s because one hour-long CoolSculpting procedure is enough to treat about 24% of fat cells within the targeted area, leading to exciting results.

A handful of patients may need a couple more CoolSculpting treatments to see their ideal results; however, your final number of sessions will be determined during your consultation.

Each CoolSculpting session takes about an hour to perform, meaning at most, you’ll be asked to dedicate up to three hours to see noticeable inch loss in your most stubborn trouble zones.

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How Long Do Coolsculpting Results Last?

In order to maintain your CoolSculpting results, it’s important to understand how it works. The FDA-approved technology uses a handheld device to directly deliver freezing energy to the fat cells clustered underneath the dermis. The fat cells become crystallized, which causes them to break down and eventually leave the body.

This information is key for maintaining your CoolSculpting results because it cannot prevent the formation of new fat cells. That means ideal candidates for CoolSculping are those individuals who already follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen but need a little extra help with stubborn pockets of fat.

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