Abnormally shaped ears can take a serious toll on your confidence. That’s where ear pinning surgery comes in. Ear pinning surgery is performed to reshape the ears and place them closer to the head.

It usually involves reducing the size of large ears, sculpting misshapen ears, resolving physically damaged ears, and moving protruding ears closer to the head. Read on to learn about how this procedure works.

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How Ear Pinning Surgery Works

During ear pinning surgery, Dr. Schalit will make a small incision in the back of your ear. Then, he’ll shape the cartilaginous frame of your ear and reposition it closer to your head. Ear pinning surgery typically takes one to two hours to complete and is performed under general anesthesia or IV sedation.

Recovering From Ear Pinning Surgery

Fortunately, it usually takes less than two weeks to recover from ear pinning. While you may experience a bit of aching and tenderness immediately after the procedure, it should resolve on its own after a few days. You may also face some redness and numbness that can be controlled through prescription pain medication.

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Depending on the nature of your job, you’ll likely be able to return to work within a few days. Dr. Schalit will recommend that you refrain from vigorous exercise for up to six weeks so that the ears can heal completely.

Good Candidates for Ear Pinning Surgery

If you are in general good health yet bothered by the appearance of your ears, you may be a good candidate for ear pinning surgery. This procedure may also be a good option for your child if they are at least 5 years old and have ears that have fully developed. By scheduling a consultation with Dr. Schalit, you can determine whether you or your child could benefit from ear pinning surgery.

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