Dr. Schalit offers laser hair removal treatments to help individuals get rid of unwanted hair. Laser hair removal uses laser light energy to stunt hair follicle growth and create a smooth, hair-free effect. Read on to learn more about how laser hair removal works, how much it costs, and how long you can expect to see results.

Laser Hair Removal Daytona Beach

*Individual results may vary.

Laser Hair Removal Overview

Laser hair removal offers a safe and effective way to eliminate unwanted hair wherever it may grow. Within six to eight treatment sessions, patients see favorable results, though some people may require fewer sessions while others require additional sessions.

Hair removal costs will vary based on factors specific to your individual aesthetic goals and preferences. You can expect to see optimal results when you work with certified technicians experienced in laser hair removal techniques.

What’s Involved With Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal offers an effective treatment for removing unwanted hair on a semi-permanent basis. The procedure uses a laser that emits highly concentrated light energy. The pigment in your hair follicles absorb this light energy, which then vaporizes the pigment and disables the follicles.

Since hair follicles tend to repair themselves over time, the results from a hair removal procedure last for a while but are not permanent.

Am I a Good Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal will work for anyone who wants to get rid of unsightly hair growth. And this treatment works especially well for individuals with darker hair and medium-to-light complexions.

Areas where laser hair removal can be applied include:

  • Face
  • Legs
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Bikini line
  • Shoulders
  • Or any other part of the body

Ultimately, scheduling a consultation meeting with an experienced specialist offers the best way to know if you’re a good candidate for hair removal. Dr. Schalit works with a team of certified technicians with ample experience in hair removal. And if you’re not a good candidate, we have a range of other hair removal options from which to choose.

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How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

Laser hair removal costs can vary depending on a number of factors. The cost of a single treatment session averages around $287, but can run as high as $1,500.

Here are a few factors that impact how much hair removal costs:

  • The number of sessions needed to complete the treatment
  • The size of the area treated
  • Who performs the procedure
  • The location of the facility that performs the procedure

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

Each person’s physiological makeup responds to hair removal differently, so results will last longer for some individuals than others. Typically, our patients see lasting results -smooth hair-free surfaces- for eight weeks at a time. And while hair will eventually grow back, your hair strands will be lighter, finer, and fewer in number.

Scheduling sessions for every six weeks helps ensure you’ll see maximum results in the shortest amount of time. Dr. Schalit will place you on a schedule that produces the best results based on your specific treatment needs.

How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments Will I Need?

Since hair growth takes place in phases, not all hair strands are in the active growth phase. And laser treatments only work on hairs in the active growth phase. This means you’ll require multiple sessions to stop hair growth altogether in unwanted areas.

Typically, it takes six to eight treatment sessions to see the type of results you expect. Spacing your sessions out at eight week intervals helps ensure full coverage of the area in terms of when hair strands enter active growth phases.

Something else to keep in mind is the size of the area being treated. Larger areas, such as your legs and back will likely require more treatment sessions than smaller areas, like your arms and face.

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